About Color-coding

  • Color of the members:
[Tae] [Sica] [Sun] [Fany] [Hyo] [Yul] [Soo] [Yoon] [Seo]
  • Codes:
  1. [B]: Louder voice than everyone else
  2. [U]: Takes the main melody
  3. I: Back vocals
  • Example:
  1. [All/Tae]: Everyone takes the main melody, but TaeYeon sings it louder, that means they raise her voice up
  2. [All/Tae]: Everyone takes the main melody, TaeYeon also sings that line, but she sings it in another melody, or higher, that means she sings the back vocal
  3. (idaero): Jessica sings the back vocal, and that line is after or before the main line, unlike Ex.2
  4. [All]: That means everyone sings it with no voice-raising or anyone with main melody beside everyone, but that line is at the same line as one of those

If you want to ask me more about the Color-code or the songs, contact me with Yahoo or at my ChatBox ^^