This site is simply just to post SoNyuhShiDae a.k.a SNSD Lyrics. It's very simillar to snsdlyrics.wordpress.com here, but not as good as. And one more thing, I only do lyrics for SNSD, that's why this is weaker than snsdlyrics.wordpress.com. But I will do the best I can to make the lyrics, the translations less complicated and the color-code is easier to see ^^

If you want to request any lyrics, just email me: aiko_fanpkmg@yahoo.com.vn ^^ Or you can ask or request me at the Chat Box. Please ask politely and remember I don't do any lyrics beside SNSD. If I've done anything wrong, you can remind me at the ChatBox ^^

All translation were done by myself. If I take the lyrics from anywhere, I will definetly give credit ^^

Thanks for who support me :D